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What up, Youngin'? District Native is a limited run casual apparel brand. Designed to remember and recognize life growing up in Washington, D.C. in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. And today for that matter.

The Nation's Capital has a flair all its own, and if you're from D.C., you wear that "DC Native" tag like a badge of honor. 

This is my foray into design to be worn; for all DC Natives, ESPECIALLY for those of us from Washington, D.C., but we no longer reside in D.C.

Thank you for your interest. I'm on a gradual start, but spread the word - the movement starts with you. If you purchase an item, please post a pic on any of your social media accounts rocking it. Also, be sure to hashtag it "#bumpinDC" or "#thoroughDC"! 

Yeah, when's the last time you heard BUMPIN'? Phrases from home can unite so many people across all groups, and perhaps spark a conversation. 

More gear on the way!

Sho You Right!